Aboriginal Cultural Consultancy Service

Donna Hensen

Donna Hensen

Does your project have an Indigenous or Aboriginal specific element?

Do you want to get it right the first time?

Ask Donna, one of Australia’s Leading Aboriginal Cultural Expert Consultant, with a trauma informed approach


Below are some examples of Donna’s expertise.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in Queensland and the Torres Straits –  While travelling to most Indigenous communities and supporting many Clients through a difficult process, Donna contributed to a range of  Indigenous initiatives including engagement in prisons.

National Association of Community Legal Centres  

Board Member and consultant 2010-2013

Community Legal Centres NSW – Board Member 2010-2013

Hawkesbury/Napean Community Legal Centre 

Board Member 2011-2013

 The Seedling Group – professional consultant for multiple Indigenous projects including local to national projects.

2015 – Current

Guest Speaker at European Social Forum in London 2004 Speaking about the issues for the Stolen Generations.

Co-ordinator of the Indigenous Women’s Legal Program 2007–2013

The National Healing Foundation:
Law Society Handbook Co-Authored Chapter 2
Editions 11th  & 12th  –  2009 – 2010

Contributed to many Australian NGO Conventions Reports for the United Nations. 2008-2013

Indigenous Human Rights Training for the Asia/Pacific Region with the University of New South Wales 2009


Donna with the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Rights

Donna with Professor James Anaya – UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Rights 2009


Guest Speaker for the Advancing Women in Business Conference 2019

London’s Thames Art Festival – Developed and delivered an interactive Aboriginal art project with another Aboriginal artist.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)- consultancy group member

Amaysim Telecommunications Company – consultancy for Cultural Awareness Training 2012

Mental Health

·         Professional input to AOK- multiple Indigenous mental health and wellbeing projects

Editing books (yet to be released)
  • Cultural Editing of a novel with Aboriginal content
  • Collaborated with a children’s book author
  • Cultural Editing of a novel with Cultural content


Multiple primary and high schools in NSW and Qld – improving Indigenous engagement and activities

Team Leader  and Bringing Them Home Counsellor for an Aboriginal owned and operated Counselling service in Lismore NSW

Family and Community Services – Staying Home Leaving Violence – consultancy group member 

Guest Speaker for the Lord Mayor’s Sorry Day in Brisbane 2015

Cultural Liaison and Intake Officer for the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse covering  Queensland and the Torres Straits