Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

Practical and useful information for individuals & organisations so they can provide a better service to Aboriginal clients and their Aboriginal staff. 

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for All Staff

Module 1

Why is Aboriginal Culture still relevant?

This module is the framework of knowledge required to understanding Aboriginal and other Australian Indigenous People

Module 2

How do I get an instant rapport with Aboriginal people?

This module is aimed at front-line staff to improve their interactions with Aboriginal clients and managing difficult behaviours.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Managers and Supervisors

Module 3

How do I get quality outcomes when working with Aboriginal clients & staff?

This module is required to improve case management, legal representation and parent/teacher relationships.

Module 5

What are the Best Practice Interview Techniques for Aboriginal people?

This module gives HR Managers the skills to get the best out of interviewing Aboriginal applicants and neutralising politically incorrect land mines, leading you to choosing the right person for your organisation

Module 6

How do I create productive partnerships with Aboriginal Communities?

This module is necessary for an organisation wanting to overcome the obstacles of Aboriginal communities that are sick of do gooders, are frustrated with organisation that want to take without giving, of “black knowledge” being taken and then recycled as “white knowledge”., are suspicious of the motives of non Indigenous organisation with Indigenous funding.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Human Resource Managers

Module 4

How do I Improve Aboriginal Staff Retention?

This module helps HR Managers to better manage the well-being of Aboriginal staff, to lessen risk of staff turnover or work place issues and stress leave.

Module 7

How do I Normalise Aboriginal Culture in the Workplace?

This module is for the HR Managers, “Cultural Champions” or RAP facilitators in the workplace. Aboriginal people are “black” every day of the year, not just NAIDOC time. They face overt or ignorant discrimination every day of the year. It doesn’t take much to normalise Aboriginal culture in the workplace to counter this.