Donna Hensen’s training uses specific imagery to support the audio narration. Most people are visual learners so the training is kept simple allowing trainees to  absorb critical information without being confused or overwhelmed by flashy technology. It takes between 13 – 100 milliseconds to process an image. Longer if the image is moving and longer still for the brain to process text.

To understand the psychology of this approach, here is an example of an image I use in my Brisbane “Welcome to County” module.

welcome to country

Why does this image work?

While you can hear my voice reading the script, you are processing that:
  • This painting is in the city, Brisbane residents would recognise where it is as I’ve included the blue parking sign for the Cultural Centre.
  • This sign showing through the text subliminally backs up that the information is culturally sound.
  • The painting is an Aboriginal woman who is clearly upset.
    • The human response to a woman crying is concern for her and wondering how to help.
    • This then triggers a response of helplessness because they don’t know how to make her feel better.
    • Being Aboriginal means, she is outside of their comfort zone and general knowledge.
    • To add to the confusion, there is nothing to tell you the timeline this woman and her trauma happened.
    • This process prepares people to take in the information they know is going to be discussed in the training.
    • All of this happens in a split second and the person is unaware of it.
  • Once the image is processed, people then start reading the script of the Welcome to Country and maybe for the first time are acknowledging the traditional owners in their head and using the correct names and wording.
  • In future every time trainees drive past this image, the training will be remembered.
  • Plus, the really pleasing part is that seeing this image places Aboriginal presence in their day to day life. Because we are only 3-4% of the population, the average Australian has never spoken to an Aboriginal person, making them invisible.
  • Strategically for people who have done this training, this painting is forever associated with Donna Hensen Designs training and what they’ve learned.
Donna Hensen Designs imagery doesn’t hold punches, but the audio narration is conversational so that people are not made to feel defensive.